Shell Construction

This showcase features projects in which we collaborated with our Shell Constrcution sevices for other developers. Shell construction consists of the overall build of the foundation, supporting structures, load-bearing columns, slab, walls, ceilings, and roofs. These may include additions, attached structures, adjacent or adjoining supplementary structures within a given project.

When Barron Development was founded in 1988, we were primarily a shell contractor for custom homes. Starting out as such, we learned that to have a quality finished product, you had to start at the beginning. Quality also had to be continuous throughout the project, and not just become a factor toward the end. With this in mind, we knew that the shell was the most important aspect of a custom home and the largest construction portion to be fulfilled.

This part of the project, though not visible when the project is complete, is critical. The shell is the basic foundation and strcuture that forms the shape and design of what would become someone's custom home. This is why we started here. Since then, we have been priviledged to work in many of South Florida's premier subdivisions and waterways.

We perform shell construction services for both residential or commercial projects.

Residential Properties

Ft. Lauderdale Intercoastal Waterfront

Ft. Lauderdale Intercoastal Waterfront

Hollywood Intercoastal Waterfront


Commercial Properties

Coming Soon